Philip Ross
June 10, 2013

image via YouTube.
Mega mosquitoes, whose bites “feels like getting stabbed,” are scheduled to invade Florida this summer. As if sinkholes weren’t enough to deal with, now Sunshine State residents have to fend off mutant insects.

According to Click Orlando, Florida’s mega mosquitoes, called gallinippers or even “hairy-legged zebras,” are about 20 times the size of a normal mosquito. Fox 35 reports that the mutant insect can penetrate through multiple layers of clothing and will bite anything from people to pets; they’ve even been known to feed on fish and tadpoles.

Like other mosquitoes, only the female mega mosquitoes feed on animal blood. They feed day and night, using a saw-like jaw to drill down into a target’s skin. The pain associated with a mosquito bite happens when the mosquito withdraws its straw-like jaw – one researcher described it as “like pulling a hook out of the skin.”

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