Kurt Nimmo
February 13, 2009

Now Rep. Maurice Hinchey, a New York Democrat, wants to muzzle “right-wing” talk radio. “I think the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated,” Hinchey told CNNRadio, Politico reports. The Democrat said he would have the now dormant doctrine attached to a bill he plans to introduce later this year overhauling radio and TV ownership laws.

Beverly Eckert
  Former president Bill Clinton recently added his voice to Democrat calls to reimpose the Fairness Doctrine.

According to Hinchey, talk radio is unfair. In other words, due to market dynamics — what people listen to — there are few Democrats and “progressives” on the dial and it is up to the government to introduce “balance” through legislation.

During the third National Media Reform Conference was held in Memphis, Tennessee, sponsored by the globalist Soros foundation, Hinchey declared that “neo-fascist” and “neo-con” talk show hosts had helped create the national climate that led to the invasion of Iraq. Hinchey neglected to mention that the corporate media, including the “liberal” New York Times, has also agitated in favor of an invasion of Iraq. It was a full-court press not limited to neocons and Bush supporters. In fact, the neocon operative Judith Miller was rewarded for her pro-invasion propaganda pieces published in the New York Times — last October, she was hired by Fox News.

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Hinchey joins Democrat senators Debbie Stabenow of Michigan and Tom Harkin of Iowa who have called for “hearings” on talk radio. It should be noted that Stabenow’s husband, Tom Athans, is and has been an executive at several “liberal” radio talk groups.

Former president Bill Clinton recently added his voice to Democrat calls to reimpose the Fairness Doctrine. During an interview with “liberal” talk show host Mario Solis-Marich, Clinton said the government should impose “more balance in the programs or have some opportunity for people to offer countervailing opinions,” according to NewsBusters.

Now that Democrats are calling for the reimposition of the Fairness Doctrine and “hearings” into talk radio, lib talk show radio hosts are emboldened. On February 10, former Air America radio talk show host Mike Malloy said the “real internal terrorists are the Republicans” and “Rush Limbaugh is a bigger threat to this country than Osama bin Laden. He’s a bigger threat than anybody that the CIA can invent. He’s a bigger threat than any terrorist that ever leveled its sights against the United States, Limbaugh is, so why isn’t he arrested and sentenced for treason?”

Limbaugh, of course, is not of the same caliber as the late CIA operative Osama bin Laden. He is, however, part of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird media control program and the false right-left paradigm designed to render ineffective any meaningful opposition to the government and the global elite.

Democrats may eventually impose government control of the airwaves. However, such control will not significantly muzzle “terrorists” such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or multinational communications corporations. Instead, the Democrat censorship agenda will run smaller independent broadcasters out of business while the phony right-left noise machine will continue its propaganda campaign engineered to derail sincere opposition.

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