Kurt Nimmo
June 6, 2010

More patsies were arrested on Saturday and immediately fed into the fake terror propaganda machine. “Two New Jersey men who were bound for Somalia to join an Islamic extremist group and to kill American troops were arrested at Kennedy International Airport late Saturday, federal and local authorities announced on Sunday,” the New York Times reports today.

It is said Mohamed Haoud Alessa and Carlos Eduardo Almonte wanted to join al-Shabaab, a shadowy terror group accused of working with al-Qaeda, the CIA database that morphed into a scary mirage after everything changed on September 11, 2001. “They were charged in a criminal complaint with conspiring to kill, maim and kidnap people outside the United States and were expected to be arraigned in federal court in Newark on Monday, according to the officials.”

The latest carnival sideshow follows a familiar pattern. The patsies were “under scrutiny” by the FBI since 2006. In other words, they were played by the FBI and turned in devil incarnates as no shortage of previous patsies have been over the last few years. “Beginning in 2009, an undercover officer from the New York Police Department’s Intelligence Division recorded numerous meetings and conversations with them, during which they discussed their plans,” reports the Times. Translation: the dim-wits were encouraged to say bad things about the United States and align themselves with the Islamic network contrived by intelligence agencies around the world since the CIA began spending billions in Afghanistan beginning in 1979 during the Carter administration.

“They talked about what they said was their obligation to wage violent jihad and at times expressed a willingness to commit acts of violence in the United States” under the tutelage of the FBI.

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It appears, however, the two men merely wanted to get the hell out of the Bizarro Sates of America. “I leave this time, God willing, I never come back. I’ll never see this crap hole,” Mr. Alessa told his FBI controllers. Alessa said he would come back, however, if instructed to do so by his CIA handler.

Mr. Almonte apparently has more than two brain cells to rub together. He said that there would soon be United States troops in Somalia and he looked forward to killing U.S. soldiers.

In fact, the U.S. military is already operating in Somalia. In 2006, another CIA patsy, Saleh Ali Nabhan, was killed in Somalia by U.S. Special Forces in a region controlled by al-Shabab. The Pentagon’s Special Operations Command has been involved in Somalia as part of Operation Provide Relief and Unified Task Force supposedly under the aegis of the globalist lapdog the United Nations.

“A report last week revealed that the top US commander in the Middle East had signed an order last September authorizing a big expansion of clandestine military missions in the region, and also in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Somalia,” the Times Online reported last week. “The dramatic expansion in the use of special forces, which in their global span go far beyond the covert missions authorized by George W. Bush, reflects how aggressively the President is pursuing al-Qaeda behind his public rhetoric of global engagement and diplomacy.”

The New Jersey arrests are the latest effort by the government to convince you homegrown terrorism is on the rise and you should waive more of your inalienable rights and accept naked body scanners, CCTV camera everywhere, and 24/7 NSA surveillance of all communications.

“Investigators say they’re also among many U.S. terrorism suspects to have been inspired by two well-known U.S. citizens who have recruited terrorists through the Internet: Adam Gadahn, an al-Qaida spokesman in Pakistan, and Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical al-Qaida cleric hiding in Yemen who is believed to have helped inspire recent attacks including the Fort Hood shooting, the Times Square bombing attempt and the failed Christmas Day airline bombing,” reports Forbes.

Get ready for more patsies and dim bulbs who think usually transparent FBI agents are al-Qaeda. It looks like we are working our way toward another false flag. In the lead-up a number of patsies will be paraded before the American people who have already signaled they are not finished surrendering their rights to the state.

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