More information is coming out about tourists who have mysteriously died in the Dominican Republic, including a New Jersey resident who suddenly fell ill last week — and an Arizona man who had “something green” foaming from his mouth following his death, a report says.

“It was something that came way out of left field,” said Mark Hulburt Jr., son of 62-year-old Mark Hulburt Sr., who was found dead at a hotel in Punta Cana last June by his wife.

“She woke up, and he didn’t,” Hulburt Jr. told AZ Family. “She told me that as she found him that he had something green coming from his mouth.”

Hulburt Sr.’s cause of death was listed as a heart attack, but his family now suspects that something else is to blame following the recent reports of other tourists dying under strange circumstances and similar conditions.

“Having known then what I know now I would have fought tooth and nail to have his remains brought back here and had his autopsy done here in America,” Hulburt Jr. said.

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