Kurt Nimmo
Truth News
March 26, 2008

It does not matter that Hillary Clinton has no experience in foreign policy. Obama doesn’t, either, and McCain’s experience boils down to a stay at the Hanoi Hilton as a “special prisoner” because his daddy was an admiral. Last week, we learned that Clinton’s foreign policy experience assertions are at odds with 11,000 pages put out by the National Archives.

“Sen. Clinton has made much of a September 1995 speech she delivered in Beijing, in an effort to show she is willing to get tough on China,” notes the Wall Street Journal. “She said in her book ‘Living History’ that she was briefed by the State Department and the Secret Service in advance of that speech, and was even fed ‘intelligence information’ during those discussions. The schedules don’t reflect such briefings, however.”

In the book, Clinton writes:

Before leaving for China, I had received briefings from the State Department and Secret Service that included intelligence information as well as protocol and diplomatic issues. I had been cautioned to assume that everything I said or did would be tape-recorded, particularly in the hotel room.

Whether the newspaper’s arrival was a coincidence or an example of the Chinese government’s internal security, it led to some good laughs, and we realized that we’d all been unusually tense about being watched and recorded. From that point on, my staff regularly winked at the television screen and spoke into lamps, making loud requests for pizza, steak and milkshakes and hoping that our security handlers would deliver again. But after three days, only the newspaper had arrived at the door.

Christopher Cooper writes for the Journal: “But of course as we have previously pointed out, just about everything Mrs. Clinton has claimed about her China speech, like most of her other foreign policy triumphs, has been a tissue of lies.”

Few read the op-ed pages of the War Street Journal where neocons lurk, so this bit for information is not known by most Democrats who will vote as instructed.

Not that it matters. Because by the time we learn Clinton is a liar, the corporate media has long abandoned the story in favor of more half truths and propaganda elsewhere. Most people are inattentive headline readers at best and so the impression that “co-president” Hillary has all the experienced required is imparted. Moreover, citizens now accept that their rulers are liars.

No big deal, even if transparent lies stacked upon more creaky and transparent lies resulted in the murder of 1,000,000 plus Iraqis, a macabre process Hillary voted for.

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