Around 8,000 migrants and refugees have now arrived in Germany to a “phenomenal” humanitarian response, with offers of accomodation and aid.

Pope Francis put his Church’s weight behind moves to house the migrants – calling on every parish, religious community, monastery, and sanctuary in Europe to take in one migrant family.

Speaking after his customary Sunday address in Rome, he also said that the Vatican would set an example, with two of its parishes each taking in a family of refugees in the coming days.

He said it was not enough to say “have courage, hang in there” to those marching towards what he described as “life’s hope”.

Some 6,000 arrived in Munich on Saturday afternoon and have been joined by another 2,000 who crossed the border from Austria early this morning.

Most have travelled by train to Munich while others were taken further afield to Frankfurt and Dortmund where they were given temporary accommodation, food and water.

Hungary is again filling up with new arrivals, most of whom have travelled from Syria through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.

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