Kurt Nimmo
December 2, 2008

  Youtube has fiddled with the stats and honors on this video, The Queen’s 2008 Christmas Message.

Popular YouTube contributor NufffRespect reports that Google-owned YouTube has monkey wrenched with his channel. In the information column on the video included here (The Queen’s 2008 Christmas Message), he asks: “…why has YouTube got rid of all the honors on my last video and on my channel? This channel is at No.16 Most Subscribed UK (ALL TIME), and No.13 Most Viewed UK (ALL TIME) but now YouTube has removed this channel from these lists. Why?”

It’s a rhetorical questions, really. YouTube is infamous for setting back stat counters, as Alex Jones has experienced with his posted videos on numerous occasions. In fact, YouTube is in the habit of pulling videos down altogether, as they did with the wildly popular “Question Your Reality” video after it shot up the charts, having reached number 2 most viewed in the News and Politics category. After a lot of complaints, the video was allowed to remain on the site after it was reposted.

Let’s face it — YouTube and Google will not tolerate videos that question the established order.

As the New York Times admitted back in 2006 when YouTube was courting the corporate behemoth Google, censorship has become routine on the site. YouTube said it would only pull pornographic and violent videos, but it pulled a lot of political videos, including one by the neocon darling, Michelle Malkin.

Earlier this year, senator Joe Lieberman demanded Google and YouTube get into the business of censorship big time. Lieberman said he had issues with videos that supposedly brainwash Islamic recruits and “provide weapons training” and “speeches by al-Qaeda leadership.” Never mind that such speeches are immensely newsworthy.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

But that didn’t stop Lieberman from insisting they be banned outright, stating that “Google continues to allow the posting of videos by organizations the State Department has designated as Foreign Terrorist Organizations. No matter what their content, videos produced by terrorist organizations like al Qaeda, that are committed to attacking America and killing Americans, should not be tolerated. Google must reconsider its policy.”

It’s not just al-Qaeda videos whipped by in CIA video studios that the senator from Israel wants banned. Lieberman set the precedent for banning all kinds of political videos that are not deemed appropriate, especially in the halls of Congress and corporate suites.

NufffRespect documents how YouTube messes with videos: by fiddling with view counters, removing honors, removing video comments, preventing videos from playing and removing videos entirely without warning and for no reason — no reason that is except political censorship.

NufffRespect suggests sending YouTube a message insisting “that we won’t put up with this kind of censorship. One way to do that is to get this video to the No.1 position in the most-discussed list (global), just like my last video did. All you need to do is post lots of comments on this video. Make each comment different so that it doesn’t get automatically marked as spam. Also post a video response, any previous video you have already uploaded will do. For all our sakes, please help if you can.”

Here is the link to NufffRespect’s video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN8W77tyfTE

But don’t stop there. Do this with other political videos, including clips from Alex Jones’ documentaries. It is the only effective way to fight back against political censorship.

Finally, some will likely argue that what YouTube and Google are doing is not technically censorship, as only government is capable of censorship. Point noted. I insist however that it is censorship because the government was long ago bought lock, stock, and barrel by mega-corporations — in essence, corporations are the government, as the swarms of corporate lobbyists crawling over Congress like an infestation of cockroaches will attest.

Remember Mussolini, who said: fascism is more accurately described as corporatism… and the fascist will always go after the opposition.

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