Thomas DiLorenzo
January 31, 2013

A few days ago Sports Illustrated (owned by Time/Warner) published what turns out to be a bogus story about Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. The author claimed that in recuperating from a torn tricep this football season Lewis utilized a sports medicine made from deer antlers that comes in a spray, and that it contains a growth hormone banned by the NFL. SI apparently did not bother to consult with any medical research professionals before publishing the smear, because researchers at Johns Hopkins hospital who have been conducting research on human growth hormones for the past several decades immediately commented that there is no way that the human body could absorb the banned substance (which is generated naturally in our bodies, by the way) from deer spray. The substance must be injected into the body with a shot. And besides, Lewis denies even using the “deer antler spray.”

This morning I discovered why some in the New York media decided to libel Ray Lewis in this way (in addition to sour grapes over no New York teams even making it to the playoffs). Walking past a news stand I noticed the front cover of Sports Illustrated with Ray Lewis on the cover, apparently standing in the ocean up to his chest, and with his hands folded in prayer. The glaring headline is: “DOES GOD CARE WHO WINS THE SUPERBOWL?” It is a juvenile mockery of the man’s religion.

You see Ray Lewis, like Tim Tebow, kneels down and prays at the end of every game to thank God, and it is always caught on camera since Ray Lewis is The Big Star of the Baltimore Ravens. The religious bigots in the media trashed and ridiculed Tim Tebow mercilessly for this, but Lewis is such a footbal icon that it apparently took a little longer for them to work up the balls to attack him. I wonder if Sports Illustrated mocked and ridiculed the great Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Sandy Kofax when he refused to pitch in a World Series game on the Jewish sabbath back in the 60s.

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