Donald Trump is on the verge of a big win in the New York Republican primary, but the GOP presidential front-runner had another terrible weekend in his bid to ensure that supporters show up at the Republican convention in Cleveland.

Nine more states put the final touches on their delegations to the July convention and once again, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) schooled Trump, installing his supporters in positions to ensure that he could win the nomination if the contest stretches into later rounds. In most cases, the delegates will be required to vote for Trump on a first ballot at the convention but could switch to Cruz if subsequent ballots are necessary.

Elsewhere, Cruz is already outmuscling Trump in precinct and county-level meetings being held in states that won’t finalize their delegations until late next month.

As the maneuvering continues, Trump and his lieutenants continued arguing that the entire delegate selection system is “rigged” and designed to rob a party outsider of his earned support.

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