Kurt Nimmo
May 27, 2009

On Friday, the FBI, Chicago Police, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force raided two apartment complexes in Chicago. “A spokesperson for the FBI confirms a search warrant was executed at the building as part of an ongoing investigation,” reports Fox News.

“The police was so crowded, you couldn’t even walk past. They was in trucks, they was in cars, they was in regular cars. It looked like someone had killed someone,” a resident told the television station. “They was looking for someone who lives in this building. So I was like ‘what’s the cause?’ They said ‘we don’t want to say yet, but it’s a life and death situation.”

Residents said the feds were very interested in its basement, specifically two storage lockers.

Fox News claims two people in the Muslim neighborhood were taken into custody, although no other details were provided.

The raid in Chicago occurred at the same time New York mayor Michael Bloomberg praised police and federal agents for “disrupting” an alleged terror plot targeting a Jewish temple and military planes.

In short order it was discovered the FBI had orchestrated the plot and plied the “dimwit” suspects with everything from piles of cash to bags of marijuana and even an offer of a liver transplant for the sick brother of one suspect.

[efoods]The supposed terror plot ringleader, David Cromitie, was a petty drug dealer who converted to Islam in prison. He told an FBI informant that his parents had lived in Afghanistan before he was born and he was angry about the U.S. killing of Muslims there. Cromitie’s parents were not from Afghanistan and the FBI said he was merely attempting to boost his “terror cred.” A relative of his girlfriend characterized Cromitie as a pathological liar.

The New York Times, Post, New York Daily News, and the Associated Press all carried stories portraying the suspects as incompetent, even pathetic. David Williams was a wannabe gang banger who dreamed of being a chef, while Onta Williams was a cocaine addict apparently brainwashed in prison by Muslims. He was fond of singing and doing impersonations. His sister said he is “the dumbest person on this Earth.” Laguerre Payen, a Haitian immigrant, was unemployed and took medication for schizophrenia. Payen was illiterate and served 15 months for assault after shooting two people with a BB gun. He was off his meds during the terror plot arrest and was hospitalized.

The FBI informant, Shahed (Malik) Hussain, was arrested in 2002 and charged with trying to help people in Albany get drivers’ licenses. Facing deportation, Hussain instead chose to assist the FBI in exchange for a light sentence of five years probation. In 2004, Hussain was the central prosecution witness in a federal sting focusing on a pizzeria owner and an imam at an Albany mosque. “Lawyers for those men argued that Mr. Hussain, who had posed as a wealthy Muslim radical, had entrapped their clients in an ultimately fictional plot to kill a Pakistani diplomat with a missile. But a federal jury convicted the two men, and they were sentenced to 15 years in prison,” the New York Times reported on May 22.

Few details on the Chicago raid and arrests are available. Is it possible the FBI arrested the same caliber of “terrorists” in Chicago as they did in New York and are reluctant to release details?

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