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Ranting Alex (on the Movie Poster)-- (prod. co.)

Check Out Richard Linklater's Waking Life, the Groundbreaking Animated Film to Be Released This Summer or Fall, with Ethan Hawke and Wiley Wiggins, and Featuring Alex Jones in a Key Role!

Read the Hollywood Reporter Review
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"We should not allow ourselves to be crammed into this rat maze!
We should not
submit to dehumanization!

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Biometrics in the News

Just a Few Months Ago They Said the Digital Angel Chip Would Be Implanted Under the Skin. Now, Due to Public Backlash, They Are Now Claiming It Will Just Be Worn in a Watch or Bracelet

'Digital Angel' Set to Fly Tomorrow
Implant technology to be beta tested on humans

The Latest on Digital Angel from Applied Digital Solutions
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Digital Angel's Official Website
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Applied Digital Solutions
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Applied Digital Solutions' Digital Angel Named One of Four "Cool Products'' in Fortune Magazine's Cool List 2001
Press Release

'Dog Tag' Gets Whole New Meaning
California bill requires microchip for pets, permits for animal sales
Pentagon Lab May Give Biometrics Needed Boost
Scottish Dogs Could Be Given ID Tattoos and Microchips
And- For Your Pet's Safety...
Biometric Cameras Everywhere

Tracking Us Like Rats -- What a Wonderful System! You Want Food? You Want Water? You Want to Travel Down the Road? You Must Scan!!! Oh, By the Way, Give Us Your Guns -- We Love You!!!
ID in the Blink of an Eye

Biometric Access Wins Deal with New York Agency and Puts Thumbscanners in HEB and Kroger
Austin Business Journal

US News

Despite Media Hysteria Used Against Your Constitutional Rights, the Truth is Violent Crime is Way, Way Down

US Violent Crime Rate Plummets 15 Percent
"Violent crimes plunged 15 percent nationally last year, the largest one-year drop in at least 27 years, the Justice Department reported Wednesday..."

Meanwhile, in Countries Where Gun Control is Most Staunchly Implemented, Violent Crime Rates Soar

Britain, Australia top US in Violent crime
Rates Down Under increase despite strict gun-control measures

NC Bill Allows School Display of 10 Commandments

Ex-Transit Authority Worker Railroads The System
On workers' comp for 19 Yrs. while in jail

National Security & The Military
Bush Pledges Unilateral Nuclear Arms Cuts
Bush Ready to Cave on Vieques
Police State
South Africa to Bug Cellphones
Judge OKs $50 Million Settlement in Strip-Search Suit

Wilmington, Delaware: The Militarization of Police is Exploding. We First Learned That The National Guard Was Aiding the Police in Checkpoints and Patrols from One of Our Listeners. Local Television Channels Confirmed That The National Guard Was "Helping" with Crime. The Following Story Only Mentions Ten Federal Agencies. Notice That They Were Doing Drug and Gun Sweeps.

Read the Wilmington News Journal Article: Click Here

Here's The US Army Helping Run a State Police Checkpoint South of Austin in 2001. Now It's Not Enough to Just Violate the Fourth Amendment. They Violate Posse Comitatus While They're at It. Exclusive Video

Click Here -- Broadband
Click Here -- 56K

Read Our Article from 1999, When We First Discovered the Army was Running Checkpoints in Texas. The Article is Complete with Photos and a Document from Ft. Hood Admitting That They Even Serve Search Warrants to Homes.

"US military leaders proposed in 1962 a secret plan to commit terrorist acts against Americans and blame Cuba to create a pretext for invasion and the ouster of Communist leader Fidel Castro, according to a new book about the National Security Agency..."
Baltimore Sun

Biometrics -- The System for Total Control

New World Order

Bush: 'We'll back Euro-force if it doesn't harm NATO'
London Telegraph

Pressure Builds to Boost Europe's Military Power

British Admiral Attacks Euro-Army
London Telegraph

Blair Urges US and Europe Unity

Eastern Europe Disenchanted with Dithering, Dictatorial EU
London Times
The Economy
Fed Says US Far from Rebound
Polaroid Cutting 2,000 Jobs
Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea and Vietnam
The National ID and Microchip in China -- Well, It's Not That Much Different Than Here in the US, Where We Have to Thumbscan for Drivers' Licenses (TX) -- After All, They Have to Control and Track the Slaves (and Most Americans Don't Even Know They are Living in Slavery)
China to Issue High-Tech ID Cards

China Claims Sale of 'Logistics Items'

China Wants Support Against US

Turkey Seeks Military Ties with China
Official visits Beijing, explores possible weapons deal

South Korea Headed for Economic Shock
Strikes, debt, drought prompt military relief
World News
Saddam Digs in for Another Showdown with US
"Saddam is determined to pursue his crusade to get sanctions lifted, even if it means an eventual military confrontation with the US..."
Chirac Decorates Rommel's Son

Macedonians Denied Means of Self-defense
Despite specter of war, government rejects citizens' pleas for guns

Bush Reinforces US Peace Effort in the Balkans
Washington Times
Bush, Swedish PM Hold Talks
Fox News
CIA Operative Bin Laden Continues to Elude US Grasp
Fox News

This for All of Our UK Visitors Wondering About the Second Amendment. Crime Increases Proportionately with Gun Control.

Read This Article Today from the Economist:
Britain: A Nation of Criminals

Here's More:
Britain, Australia Top US in Violent Crime
Rates Down Under increase despite strict gun-control measures

Read an Email from the UK about Crime and Gun Control!
Click Here

To Learn More about the Police State and How to Fight It, Check Out Alex Jones' Police State Documentaries
Click Here for Video Clips and for More Information
Good News
Home-Schoolers Find Vindication in Contests
Chicago Tribune

Alex Jones' Interview with Charlton Heston

Click Here to Listen

Courtesy of a Wonderful Listener -- Click Here to Go

The Constitution
Supreme Court: Thermal Imaging Constitutes Search
Supreme Court Rules Religious Clubs Can Meet at Public Schools
Fox News
The Magna Carta: Giving Us Juries and Grand Juries -- Being Abolished in Britain
It Is in the Way of the New World Order
Political News

Bush Strategist's Meeting Questioned A

School Choice Is Out for Summer
Fox News

Science & Technology

Morning-After Pill for HIV Tested

Martian Meteorite May Contain Water
Immigration and the Border
Mexico Official Pushes Positive Image of Migration
Boston Globe
Bush's Guest-worker Talks Grow More Ambitious
US, Mexico put thorniest issues on table

In Your Face: TimeWarner Celebrates AMEXICO
"The New Frontier"

S. Arizona Parks on List of Most Dangerous
"Droves of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers are mainly to blame for the problems there..."
Foot and Mouth

Venezuela Confirms Foot-And-Mouth

EU: Foot and Mouth Under Control

Farm Disease Cluster Sparks Alerts

Farmers Warn of New Foot-and-Mouth Hot Spot

UK Army 'Caused Original Foot and Mouth Infection'
London Telegraph

Briton Swallowed Carcass Fluid

Fears of More Human Foot-and-Mouth

Human 'May Have Foot-and-Mouth'

Whitman: Foot-Mouth Disease Could Spread to US

Vets in Revolt over 'Needless Slaughter'
London Times

US: Better Foot-And-Mouth Vaccine Years Away

Cases of Foot and Mouth Disease in Humans

From the UK: They Admit the Foot and Mouth Virus Was Stolen from the Porton Down Laboratory (the Same Lab Where They Manufacture Race-Specific Viruses to Kill People)
Line One News

And Now...FEMA Warns: Foot and Mouth is Probable in the US
USA Today

State Legislature to Allow Searching of Cars, People without Warrants
NC bureaucrats given authority to kill animals without owner’s consent, Constitution suspended

Exclusive Video

Exclusive Video Shot by Alex Jones at the Texas State Capitol Committee for Jurisprudence's Public Hearing on Various Gun Grab Bills. Gun Grab Organization Handler Caught in the Act of Paying off Young Thugs for the Anti-Second Amendment Testimony They Gave.

Watch the Payoff -- 56K Connections or Slower
Watch the Payoff -- Broadband Connections

Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove

Click Here to Watch the Trailer
--Slower Modems

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--Cable/DSL Modems-- Best Quality

Video Clips of World Leaders in Satanic Ceremony at Bohemian Grove --Enhanced from Video -- You Won't Believe Your Eyes!!!

Clip One: Marching in Dark Robes to the Ritual Altar as Macabre Music Plays
Watch the Clip -- 56K Modems
Watch the Clip -- Cable/DSL

Clip Two: "Grand Finale" to the Ancient Caananite Ceremony, the Giant Stone Owl Idol is Illuminated by the Fire Burning the Human Effigy as World Leaders in Occultic Garb Stand Worshipful Before It
Watch the Clip -- 56K Modems
Watch the Clip -- Cable/DSL

Go to Our Exclusive Bohemian Grove Section
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Order the Film

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Exclusive Articles

Committee Witnesses Bribed
inside Texas State Capitol
by Ed Hohmann

Exclusive Video Shot by Alex Jones at the Texas State Capitol Committee for Jurisprudence's Public Hearing on Various Gun Grab Bills. Gun Grab Organization Handler Caught in the Act of Paying off Young Thugs for the Anti-Second Amendment Testimony They Gave.

Watch the Payoff -- 56K Connections or Slower
Watch the Payoff -- Broadband Connections

"Energy Crisis or People Control?"
By Marie Gunther

Second Amendment
Suicide of War Veteran over Toy Gun Charge
London Telegraph
When Gun Control Costs Lives
Yale's John Lott: Licensing legislation diverts attention from getting criminals off the street.
United Nations Small Arms Conference July 2001 New York City
Champlain County Rifle Association
Multiple Victim Public Shootings
John Lott
To Amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to Regulate Certain 50 Caliber Sniper Weapons in the Same Manner as Machine Guns and other Firearms and for Other Purposes
S. 505
Drug Maker Found Liable in Shooting

Does the Confiscation of your Firearms Lie Ahead? -- Congressman sponsors bill to drive a "stake" through Brady's registration scheme

Two House Bills Could Lead Directly to Handgun Confiscation in Pennsylvania
GOA Exclusive Video

Feel the Love!
The NOW at the MMM Rally Admits They Want Us Disarmed -- and Such Charm! Namecalling!

Watch the Clip -- Broadband
Watch the Clip -- 56K

Again, the Mainstream Media Slants the News in Favor of the Gun Grabbers

#1: The Rally Was Organized by the Second Amendment Sisters.
#2: The Pro-Second Amendment Rally Organized by Alex Jones That Took Place on April 22 Had 500 Plus Participants (Which the Statesman Misrepresented in Its Slam Piece on the Event and Was Later Forced to Retract) -- No Mention of That Here.
#3: Pro-Second Amendment Activists Protested from 2-7 at the Capitol.

Read the Statesman's Piece
"Capitol rally supports gun-control laws"

#1. Just Look at This Hysterical Manipulation Piece from the Photo to the Slant. No Mention of Parents Like State Rep. Suzanna Hupp, Whose Pro-Second Amendment Stance Stems from Having Lost Family in a Shooting and Her Regrets at Not Having Been Able to Defend Them at That Time.

#2. No Way There Were 350 People There. There Rally Was a Smattering Compared with the Huge Pro-Second Amendment Rally We Held in Austin on April 22.

Read the San Antonio Express Piece:
"Gun control advocates run hecklers' gantlet on their way to the Capitol"'s Archives: Read What the April 22nd Pro-Second Amendment Rally Was Really Like

Activists Rally for Gun Rights
Daily Texan April 23, 2001

By The Way, Dave Smith (Who Alex Caught Bribing Known Gang Members for Their Anti-Gun Testimony at a Public Hearing on Gun Control Legislation) of Texas Against Gun Violence, a Subsidiary Front-Group of George Soros, Was There With a Suspicious-Looking Briefcase

Read the Austin-American Statesman Article:
Payments Made to Backers of Gun Bills
Austin-American Statesman


Exclusive Video Shot by Alex Jones at the Texas State Capitol Committee for Jurisprudence's Public Hearing on Various Gun Grab Bills. Gun Grab Organization Handler Caught in the Act of Paying off Young Thugs for the Anti-Second Amendment Testimony They Gave.

Watch the Payoff -- 56K Connections or Slower
Watch the Payoff -- Broadband Connections

Read Alex's Comments on the Gun Grab Bills from the Associated Press Article:
"Our gun culture is dying," Jones said. "All of these bills ... . It's an attack on the Second Amendment. That's the plan. To disarm the American people."

Here's the Legislation They Discussed

Stop HB 446 - Trigger Lock Bill

Responsible Youth Firearm Education in Danger

Weird News
Disney Character Workers Get To Clean Underwear
IC Florida

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