Thomas DiLorenzo
April 18, 2011

This morning the jokers on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program swooned over O-Bomb-Ya’s speech last week in which he advocated the abolition of “tax loopholes,” including the mortgage interest deduction. They didn’t say that this would be good for the economy, that it would create jobs, spur entrepreneurship, or any such thing. What all the swooning and pants wetting was about was how, in their opinion, it was a “win-win” proposal for O-Bomb-Ya politically — that it will probably allow him to one-up the Republicans in the political charade in Washington. It’s a “win-win,” they said, because: 1) It demonizes the most productive, income-earning people in the country, which is always good politics since they are a small minority and therefore plundering them is always popular; and 2) It will fatten the coffers of the D.C. Gang of Criminals. As Charlie Sheen would say, “Wininnnnnnng.”

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