Sydney Brownstone
Fast Company
April 22, 2014

glass1If aliens came to planet Earth for a day, but could only explore the confines of a locked, featureless room and Twitter, they might imagine a world in which every person documents his life in data points, drones zip around the airspace, and families argue about Google Glass at the dinner table. Maybe some families do, especially if they live in the Bay Area, but a new Pew Research Center study finds that most Americans aren’t as thrilled about new technologies as Twitter’s unrepresentative sample.

Pew found that 63% of Americans would see personal and commercial drones flying in U.S. airspace as a bad idea. More than half think that Google Glass, implants, or other kinds of heads-up displays that constantly filter information from the world to our senses would be a change for the worse. Only 48% of the population would be interested in riding in a driverless car. Even fewer would be interested in eating lab-grown meat, like the $332,000 in vitro burger supported by Google co-founder Sergey Brin.


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