While polls show a majority of Americans are opposed to the healthcare-at-gunpoint mandate, a separate poll conducted the Kaiser Family Foundation recently shows solid support for income redistribution built into the massive government program.

In December, 2013, Ethics & Public Policy Center senior fellow James Capretta told Fox News Obamacare is a wealth redistribution program.

“You’re right about income redistribution,” Capretta said. “It’s $250 billion a year in Medicaid expansion and the subsidy structure that’s basically being paid for by people on Medicare through Medicare cuts and a lot of tax increases. If you want to know what the bill is really about, people in their most honest and candid moments will admit that it’s basically taking $250 billion a year out of taxes and Medicare, and moving it into the Medicaid expansion and subsidy structures… It is a massive, massive income redistribution.”

If the Kaiser poll can be believed, most Americans are in favor of this scheme, primarily because so many of them qualify for subsidies.

“A strong majority of Americans would want officials to restore often-significant financial aid given to Obamacare customers in much of the United States if the Supreme Court rules the assistance is illegal, a new survey shows,”CNBC reported in January.

The vast majority of people who buy Obamacare plans on government-run exchanges qualify for tax credits to help them pay their monthly insurance premiums. If those subsidies are not available, there is widespread agreement among insurance experts that enrollment in Obamacare plans would plummet because many people would find their retail prices unaffordable.

“If the Supreme Court rules that financial assistance is only available in states with state-run marketplaces, nearly two-thirds of the public says that Congress should take action so that people in all states can be eligible for financial help to purchase health insurance,” Kaiser writes.

The Supreme Court is now hearing arguments on the tax subsidy portion of the law and is expected to render a judgement by June.

If the court rules against the provision, Justice Anthony Kennedy argued, Obamacare will experience a “death spiral.”

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