Buying a product that is “fulfilled by Amazon” may give you confidence that you’re purchasing a genuine item.

However, Apple says that even the retail giant has been selling counterfeit products under the guise of the real thing. 

According to Apple, over 90% of chargers and cables purchased on Amazon, even if fulfilled through the retailer itself, are actually fakes.

The manufacturer in question is Mobile Star LLC, who has not only infringed on Apple’s copyright, but sold products without having passed any kind of safety test. Because of this, customers may inadvertently be putting themselves at risk of fire or other disruption.

Apple was informed about the counterfeit products when they noticed large quantities of them for sale at a much lower price point than they retail for.

Concerned and curious, they purchased a bulk order and determined that they were all fakes.

Apple stated of the imposter products:

Counterfeit power products, such as those supplied by Mobile Star, pose an immediate threat to consumer safety because, unlike genuine Apple products, they are not subjected to industry-standard consumer safety testing and are poorly constructed with inferior or missing components, flawed design, and inadequate electrical insulation. These counterfeits have the potential to overheat, catch fire, and deliver a deadly electric shock to consumers while in normal use.

Apple is setting up a $2 million injunction against Mobile Star for copyright infringement and damages, and is asking that they destroy all of their products with the Apple logo on them.

Anyone who has purchased such an item should have it authenticated at an Apple store. If it is found to be a fake, it is advised that you are using it at an extreme risk and it is likely best to throw it away. Purchasing an authentic product through the Apple store is your best bet at ensuring your product is genuine.

Amazon claims that they have zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeit products on their site, which is odd considering they are fulfilling the product themselves, not a third-party seller. However, they have assured Apple that they will be investigating the matter fully.

Meanwhile, Apple warns consumers to be cautious of any Apple product that sells for well below the retail price, as this should be an indication that it is a fake product.

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