Hillary Clinton is trying to woo Millennial voters to shore up the successful Obama coalition, but she struggled today to fill a room with young supporters on a college campus.

Clinton and former rival Bernie Sanders teamed up to tout a free college plan, and even he couldn’t help much.

Fox News’ Shepard Smith reported the conventional wisdom that she was speaking to a room full of young voters, but he was quickly corrected by a reporter actually in the room.


“Sounds like a students there and they sound, I don’t know, forgive me, fired up and ready to go,” Smith said.

“Well, it’s interesting, Shep,” Jennifer Griffin responded, “there are a lot of students on the risers behind her, they obviously were invited here.

“But most of the people in the seats that you can hear and see clapping and standing and giving her standing ovations, they’re in their 50s or 60s,” Griffin said.

This crowd shot seems to show a lot of gray hair in that audience of “young” supporters.

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