The Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, is in control of Mosul in Iraq, but the terrorist group is pushing their luck by targeting historic mosques and shrines. The last straw for the residents is the Crooked Minaret.

The jihadists marched towards the 840-year-old tower and the people immediately protected it. From The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH):

When fighters from the Islamic State group loaded with heavy explosives converged on the site, Mosulis living nearby rushed to the courtyard below the minaret, sat on the ground and linked arms to form a human chain to protect it, two residents who witnessed the event told The Associated Press on Monday.

They told the fighters, “If you blow up the minaret, you’ll have to kill us too,” the witnesses said.

The militants backed down and left, said the witnesses, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation from the militants.

The Islamic State, who are Sunnis, stormed into Iraq and acted as saviors for Mosul against the dreaded Shi’ite central government in Baghdad. But the terrorists immediately proved to radical, even for the local Sunnis. The jihadists expelled all the Christians and marked Christian homes with the letter N for Nazarene. They imposed Sharia law and told women to wear full-face veils, not to leave the home without a male relative, and banned perfume. To the horror of the residents, the Islamic State targeted shrines and mosques held dear by the local Sunni Muslims. From SMH:

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