Zach Vorhies, one of the most essential Google whistleblower to date, exposes the company’s plan to control the world’s flow of information.

The former Senior Software Engineer breaks down in detail how the company engages in nefarious behavior, including manipulating search results based on their left-wing political agenda.

Vorhies explains how Google hires third parties to create email accounts with one letter or number altered from the email of a well-known person, which then send out spam messages that catch the attention of the AI system and causes the original account to be taken down.

“Google tells them the account’s down for ‘suspicious activity,’ and then they have no way of having any recourse because google is hiding their information,” he said.

Continuing, Vorhies stated, “I’ve never seen Google really address this problem, the exploit, as far as I know, still exists.”

Ultimately, Google is avoiding responsibility, he reveals, by using third parties to terminate accounts.

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