Laura Wilkerson, a mother whose 18-year-old son Joshua was murdered by an illegal alien in 2010, passionately appealed to Congress Tuesday to put an end to so-called “sanctuary city” policies and begin enforcing immigration laws, adding that “we are at war right here in this country” against criminal aliens who are a threat to public safety.

“This was our family’s 9/11 terrorist attack by a foreign invader, whether you want to recognize it or whether you do not,” Laura Wilkerson told members of Congress, speaking of her son’s death nearly five years ago.

“This government continues to fail or even recognize that we have an issue,” she said, adding that “Americans are dying daily at the hands of criminals that we don’t even know are here.”

A week before Thanksgiving in 2010, in a suburb of Houston, Texas, Joshua Wilkerson was tied, beaten and killed by 19-year-old Hermilo Moralez, an illegal alien from Belize who was brought to the United States as a child.

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