Kurt Nimmo
May 12, 2008

On the Alex Jones Show today, a bible student at a large Christian college in Mount Vernon, Texas, related a story of intimidation as Department of Homeland Security goons dressed in black accused him of engaging in terrorism for teaching a group of Boy Scouts about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The student and interim pastor, going by the name “Jeff,” told Alex Jones he was assigned last September the task of talking to a group of Boy Scouts, specifically concerning “Americanism” in higher education. Jeff told the boys they need to “reorient” themselves to the Constitution because such knowledge will “make or break the country.”

After tutoring the boys, Jeff was called into the university president’s office. There he was confronted by a “man in black” wearing sunglasses from the Department of Homeland Security who was accompanied by another federal official in a gray suit. In addition, state police were present during the interrogation and Jeff was told the FBI were also involved. Jeff was informed “every word” of his conversation with the Boy Scouts was recorded and he had a transcript of the conversation. Jeff’s talk was, the DHS official in a gray suit declared, “terror and espionage” and if he continued to engage in such behavior he would be arrested and “we can have your head on a silver platter.” Moreover, the feds threatened to intervene in the process of the college’s accreditation, a threat that apparently disturbed a “high level university official,” who was so “agitated” he was shaking.

Alex referenced a Phoenix Federal Bureau of Investigation flyer, created during Clinton’s reign, “asking the recipients to help them fight domestic terrorism,” according to Angel Shamaya, writing for the Keep and Bear Arms website. The putatively “anti-terrorism” flyer was created by the FBI and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office as part of “a disinformation campaign to paint at least a few groups of Real Americans as domestic terrorists.” According to the flyer, if recipients encounter “defenders of the US Constitution against [the] federal government and the UN,” they are to contact the FBI’s the Joint Terrorism Task Force immediately. Apparently, people who make “numerous references to the US Constitution” and attempt “to police the police” are to be considered terrorists, according to the FBI.

“According to Terry Chapman of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office — whose name is on the flyer as the MCSO contact — the FBI created the flyer and printed the MCSO [Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office] and Attorney’s Office before the text was approved. He said it was created as a full color brochure to hand out to officers, not for the general public — and that as soon as he saw it, he urged them not to use it, knowing it had some problems,” writes Shamaya.

As an example of how the police are now trained to consider constitutionalists dangerous terrorists or at least common criminals, consider the case of Abby Newman, a Virginia woman who refused to show her driver’s license to a state trooper at an illegal traffic checkpoint. Newman did not give the police permission to search her car and thus violate her Fourth Amendment right and when they did the cops discovered a pocket Constitution. So brainwashed an ignorant were the cops, they had a discussion on the legality of the pocket Constitution, labeling it “contraband,” and unsure if they should arrest Newman for possessing the book.

“Abby Newman was arrested for not showing ID in August 2000 and fell victim to an illegal vehicle search in which police found items of subversive literature, including a ‘pocket Constitution,'” write Aaron Dykes and Alex Jones. “One officer asked the other ‘Is this legal?,” an “[e]gregious misinterpretation and abuse perpetrated by the very members of society supposedly in place to guarantee our freedoms.”

Of course, these “members of society supposedly in place to guarantee our freedoms” are in place to do the bidding of the ruling elite, a gaggle of one-world globalists determined to not only decimate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, eradicate the national sovereignty of the United States, but also inculcate and brainwash the public to believe such “quaint” freedoms and the very prospect of liberty are dangerous, the treasonous vocabulary of “lone wolves” and “Super Patriots.”

Considering the reaction of the “high level university official” mentioned above, agitated because a student dared teach Boy Scouts about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it may be too late.

Listen to Alex’s interview.

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