Officer Arnold also threatened business owner during traffic stop

Paul Joseph Watson
November 28, 2012

The behavior of a cop who viciously assaulted a teen while barking “move and die” in an incident captured on video that has since gone viral on You Tube has been labeled “embarrasing” by the Hurst Police Department.

The clip shows Officer Disraeli Arnold running up to 17-year-old Andrew Rodriguez and forcefully kneeing him in the head as he lay on the ground. Rodriguez was being arrested for a 4-year-old trespassing charge by another cop at the time of the incident.

The assault is almost matched in vulgarity by the aggressive and foul-mouthed rant Arnold engages in.

“MOVE AND DIE. MOVE AND F***ING DIE. YOU GONNA MOVE AGAIN? F***ING MOVE AGAIN. F***ING MOVE AGAIN.” Arnold yells, before also shouting at Jordan Rojas for recording the incident on his cell phone.

“MOVE SO I CAN KICK YOUR ASS. MOVE SO I CAN F*** YOU UP… Give me a reason to f*** you up” the officer grunts.

Arnold then pompously struts up to the camera and states his name and badge number as if he is proud of his behavior.

The Hurst Police Department in Texas responded by placing Arnold on administrative leave and promising an investigation into the incident. CBS News reports today that police officials have labeled Arnold’s actions “embarrasing,” asking that they not be characterized by the shocking video, but by their reaction to it.

A 2010 review of Arnold’s job performance found that he was “overzealous” in his policing tactics and “needs to step back and see the big picture to weigh the risks involved.”

Rodriguez’s mother Kelly Pope reacted angrily to the incident, telling WFAA News,“This is supposed to be somebody to protect the city and our children.”

“He needs to be reprimanded. He needs to be fired,” she said. “I’m sure this ain’t the first time this has happened.” Pope stated, adding that she may seek legal action.

This is not the first time that Arnold has been involved in an altercation where he has used foul language to intimidate members of the public.

During a traffic stop in August, business owner Gared Matusz was thrown to the floor by Arnold, who made violent threats which left his mother hysterical.

“I was cooperating completely until he got there and threw me on the ground, and that’s when I started getting angry and my mom got the brunt of of it,” Matusz said, adding “His exact words were, ‘You don’t want your son to see me mad,'” he said. “He was threatening her, berating her, and she was crying hysterically.”

“This cop has anger issues — plain and simple,” Matusz told WFAA. “He should not be a police officer.”

Reaction to the incident on the Hurst Police Department’s Facebook page has been so irate that police officials were forced to post a message notifying people that personal attacks on Officer Arnold would be removed.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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