July 17, 2013

For over two-and-a-half years, comedian David Brinkman has traveled the American Midwest to spread truth through his stand-up routine.

“They’ve been telling us for years that they’ve been putting fluoride in our water to help us with our dental health,” he said in a skit. “Am I really supposed to believe that people who don’t brush their teeth are drinking water?”

From fluoride to fiat currency, the absurdity of the system offers plenty of material for Brinkman to poke fun at.

Brinkman realized that he wanted to shake out the status quo not by dividing the audience but by bringing them together.

The elite keeps us divided through faux issues, separating ourselves by minor differences so we can all be better controlled.

“The other illusion I see is this two party system,” said Brinkman. “It’s really just [a] one party system.”

“They both act in cahoots against us.”

Brinkman isn’t the only comedian on this path. Roy Haber also unplugs audiences from the fake left/right paradigm in this effective form of independent media.

WARNING: Strong language in video

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