A judge in Maryland has sentenced a female MS-13 gang member to 95 years in prison for her role in orchestrating several armed robberies and murders.

20-year-old Josselin Andrade-Ramirez, dubbed an MS-13 “femme fatale” by prosecutors, received the maximum sentence on Thursday after confessing she’d helped organize three robberies in Montgomery County, as well as two murders in El Salvador, one of which targeted a police officer.

“Ramirez was in the midst of plotting a third murder when she was arrested,” reports WUSA9, adding she was hoping to boost her reputation within the gang.

Montgomery County Judge John Maloney reportedly called Andrade-Ramirez “a very scary human being.”

The woman, who resided in Temple Hills, admitted during trial she had cased two check cashing places and a food truck prior to armed men robbing the establishments in 2017.

One robbery netted the thieves $120,000. She is also believed to be the getaway driver in at least one robbery.

Reporters say Ramirez showed no remorse during the trial and did not apologize to two victims seated inside the courtroom.

Judge Maloney and prosecutors also denied Ramirez’s lawyer’s request to deport her back to El Salvador to face the murder charges due to the heinous nature of her crimes and terror she instilled in the community.

“To have her go back and live as a free woman in her original country of origin does not sit well,” one prosecutor said at a press conference.

According to WTOP’s Mike Murillo, Ramirez’s lawyer said she’d originally fled El Salvador “to give her and her child a better life.”

However, the assistant state’s attorney pointed to a folder she decorated with MS-13 symbols while in jail as proof she was not trying to leave the gang.

“You cannot say you’re fleeing violence in your own community and be the reason for violence in our community,” the prosecutor stated.

Ramirez will be eligible for parole in 20 years, but the judge says he’ll follow up with her in 5 years to reassess her sentiment on MS-13.

Four others have also been charged in connection with her crimes.

Ramirez could also face additional charges if found responsible for a string of robberies in Northern Virginia.

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