The MSM has been caught coordinating with big tech to censor independent media like Alex Jones and Infowars. Alex Jones went to Washington to face his MSM accusers.

Watch the latest banned videos to understand why Big Tech is making its move against conservatives ahead of the 2018 midterms.

Criminal Alliance: MSM Working With Big Tech To Silence Americans Ahead Of Midterms

This Is The Video That Got Alex Jones Banned From Twitter

VIDEO: Twitter Suspends Paul Joseph Watson

Intelligence Insider: Google, Facebook, And Twitter Are About To Collapse & Are Desperately Seeking Chinese Help!

Everything You Need To Know About The InfoWars Ban In 2 Minutes

EXCLUSIVE: Intel Insider Exposes Coup Plan Against Trump Led By Bolton, Pence, And NYT

Sociopathic Tech Moguls & Stay Behind Agents Will Have To Answer For Their Evil Crimes Against Humanity

TREASON: Google Refuses To Work With The US Military While Openly Helping China Oppress Their People

Obama Takes Credit For Trump Economy

Trump Isn’t Racist

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