The Washington Times has launched a ‘fake news’ smear against Alex Jones by mischaracterizing his quote to suggest that Jones accused Hillary Clinton of chopping up children as part of the ‘PizzaGate’ controversy.

An article by Andrew Blake entitled Infowars’ Alex Jones appeals to Trump for aid over fears of ‘fake news’ crackdown states that Jones, “Claimed the president-elect’s former White House rival Hillary Clinton “personally murdered and chopped up” children during a November broadcast.”

However, as even the Washington Post admitted, Jones’ quote was in the context of Hillary’s murderous policies in Libya and Syria, which led to an international migrant crisis and the rise of ISIS, a group that literally chops up children.

“Jones eventually tied his comments about Clinton to U.S. policy in Syria,” acknowledged the Post.

This crucial clarification is completely missing from the Washington Times article, which goes on to roll the quote into a discussion about PizzaGate, implying that Jones was accusing Clinton of chopping up children in the basements of pizza parlors – when he was talking in the context of her disastrous foreign policy.

The failure of the Washington Times to put the quote in its correct context and to then roll it into a completely unrelated context is extremely deceptive and suggests that the supposedly conservative Washington Times is now pushing the same “fake news” narrative as the rest of the mainstream media.

As the Post article also reveals, the first time the #PizzaGate hashtag appeared on Twitter was November 7, while Infowars didn’t carry any stories about the issue until November 24, when we featured a story about why PizzaGate was being censored by Reddit.

The media is obsessed with suggesting that Infowars was the source of the ‘PizzaGate’ controversy, despite the fact that it was discussed weeks before we even covered it. The whole narrative is an obvious ploy to claim that so-called “fake news” represents a violent threat, as Hillary Clinton asserted earlier this week, and that Infowars is to blame.

However, Glenn Greenwald has exposed, the origin of the fake news issue can actually be traced back to Hillary Clinton supporter Marco Chacon, who started circulating fake quotes attributed to Clinton contained in John Podesta emails in an effort bait Trump supporters into sharing them.

“Sadly for Chacon, however, the people who ended up getting fooled by his Fake News items were the nation’s most prominent Clinton supporters, including supposed experts and journalists from MSNBC who used his obvious fakes to try to convince the world that the Wikileaks archive had been compromised and thus should be ignored,” writes Greenwald.

In other words, the entire fake news narrative was started by Democratic operatives in a bid to discredit the Podesta emails. Those same operatives are now using the same fake news scandal they created to try to censor legitimate news sources like Infowars and Breitbart.

While Infowars is under constant attack for being responsible for “fake news,” many mainstream reporters and commentators on the left amplified this fake news narrative for weeks with wanton abandon. Clintonite celebrities like Amy Schumer also circulated fake quotes in a bid to smear Donald Trump but were never called out for it by the mainstream media.


Both Greenwald and the Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi have also completely debunked the McCarthyite blacklists of “fake news” published by mainstream media outlets.

The first list of “fake news” websites was exposed as the bias-driven musings of a far-left social justice warrior, while the Washington Post itself was forced to admit that it couldn’t “vouch for the validity” of the “Russian propaganda” list it published.

The MSM’s “fake news” narrative is crumbling, but they will continue to double down in an effort to force tech giants like Google and Facebook into strangling the corporate media’s competition.

Click here for the real list of fake news outlets.


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