The migrant caravan of at least 14,000 that stormed through Mexico on their way to the southern U.S. border is “imaginary,” according to a CNN panel.

“They’ve been running on an imaginary caravan, false charges against a black candidate in Florida, almost anything to try and juice up their base,” CNN commentator Errol Louis said Wednesday.

After the caravan story backfired on the establishment due to reports of violence, kidnapping, and criminals and terrorists embedded within, the media has tried to shift the narrative to claiming the illegal migrant caravans simply don’t exist.

“There is no invasion. No one is coming to get you,” anti-Trumper Shepard Smith said on Monday. “There’s nothing at all to worry about.”

Once the caravan became violent when crossing into Mexico, CNN’s Anderson Cooper announced his network would no longer show footage of the caravan

“We’re not showing wall to wall video of that caravan itself because whatever you think about the people in it, there’s no evidence they are, as the administration suggested, an invading army infiltrated potentially by terrorists moving on the U.S. border,” Cooper said last week.

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