The far-left media is in a tizzy over the fact Infowars still maintains a Tumblr account, even though nearly every other major platform banned Alex Jones last week.

HuffPo, Media Matters, USA Today, and Engadget among others took issue with the fact Jones still has an online presence, let alone a presence on the left-leaning Tumblr.

“Alex Jones and Infowars had been inactive on Tumblr for nearly a year until this week when they began posting again,” Tumblr told HuffPo in a statement Wednesday. “We are closely monitoring this matter and will take action if there are violations of our policy.”

We tweeted a humorous meme Monday highlighting that no matter what Big Tech does, we’ll always find a way to challenge the establishment, and get the truth about globalism, liberty, and the propaganda media out into the cultural zeitgeist.

“They can take our Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Tunein, Youtube, Stitcher, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr, Vimeo, Sprout, Mailchimp & Disqus but they’ll never take our………..Tumblr!” our tweet read.

As we’ve reported, the left won’t rest until Infowars and Alex Jones are totally memory-holed from the internet, especially before the upcoming midterms.

Please support Alex Jones during this unprecedented attack on Infowars by visiting the Infowars store or donating below.

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