The mainstream media’s whipped-up “Russian collision” attacks against President Trump will only ensure his re-election as independent voters bolster their support for the president.

Only the MSM and Hillary Clinton voters care about the conspiracy theories claiming Trump is a vassal to the Kremlin, and neither of them could stop him gaining the White House, so what makes them think that they alone can stop his re-election?

“It’s quite obvious that the media’s mass hysteria is really only serving to bolster ‘The Resistance’ in the major metro areas of the country,” Zero Hedge pointed out. “But, as Democrats should have learned by now, rallying the disaffected liberal voters of New York and California is not going to win any national elections.

Trump was largely elected by blue collar workers in the Rust Belt who once voted Democratic, and those voters care mainly about one thing: putting food on the table.

The president is delivering on jobs; the mainstream media, on the other hand, can’t deliver any evidence proving the Russian government flipped votes from Clinton to Trump.

“I don’t mind Trump being treated critically or aggressively, but not in a way that is an effort to drag him down,” one Ohio voter told Reuters. “Trump Jr. had one 20 minute meeting with a lawyer from Russia and it’s wall-to-wall coverage.”

In fact, outside the issue of terrorism, the Kremlin would have likely preferred Clinton as president given her deep, blackmail-able ties to Russia and other nations thanks to her corrupt “pay to play” scheme through the Clinton Foundation and the State Dept.

In comparison, did Trump run a foundation where foreign leaders could pay for his influence?  Nope.

And did Trump have practical “veto power” over how the mainstream media could report on him during the campaign, including what quotes of his to publish?  Nope, that, too, was Hillary Clinton.

Independent voters know that, including many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters.  That’s why the MSM is losing influence, and it’s laughable that they believe pushing pulp fiction to smear Trump will actually work.

But deceiving the public is the only thing MSM knows how to do, so of course they’ll keep pushing bombshells-turned-nothing burgers.

That’s because the establishment media is not objective journalism with ethics; its true role is to feed lies to the public which benefits the power elite.

But no amount of bondo is going to save the rusted-out hulk that is the power structure; governments have existed for over 3500 years, and the powers-that-be are running out of ways to control the public.

Like the roots of a tree breaking out of its confines, humanity will breach the control grid of the elites as it follows its natural tendency to advance.

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