An ABC reporter badgered President Trump about the late Sen. John McCain throughout the day amid news a fresh trade deal had been negotiated with Mexico to replace NAFTA.

“Mr. President, any thoughts on John McCain?” Jon Karl asked the president as he winded down his phone call with Mexican President Enrique Nieto. “Mr. President, any thoughts on John McCain, sir?”

“Mr. President, any thoughts on the legacy of John McCain?” Karl continued.

Trump ignored Karl as his staff escorted the press out of the Oval Office, but that didn’t stop Karl from trying to get his sound bite.

“Do you have any thoughts on John McCain? Do you have any thoughts at all about John McCain?” he asked later. “Do you believe John McCain was a hero, sir?”

Trump continued to ignore him.

“Nothing at all about John McCain? Okay,” Karl said.

Karl later badgered Trump about McCain in the White House Cabinet Room.

“Mr. President, the American Legion has asked you to lower the flags to half-staff. Any reaction to the American Legion?” Karl interrupted as the press was being escorted out yet again.

Trump didn’t respond.

“Why won’t you say anything about John McCain?” Karl whined.

“Thank you very much,” Trump said to the press.

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