MSNBC’s Chris Hayes attacked Infowars, Alex Jones and Matt Drudge merely for raising questions about Hillary’s health, labeling the entire issue a “baseless conspiracy”.

Hayes’ played a segment from our viral video, claiming it was discredited because it had been “slowed down,” before proceeding to play a sped-up version of the clip.

After lambasting Matt Drudge for posting a photo of Hillary being helped up some steps and drawing attention to her numerous falls, Hayes then castigated Fox News, claiming that Sean Hannity’s medical panel did not agree with him that there were questions about Hillary’s health.

In reality, Dr. Marc Siegel has repeatedly called for the release of Clinton’s medical history, asserting only two days ago (along with neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson) that Hillary’s fall in 2012 could have caused brain damage that lead to long term problems with memory, thinking, dizziness and walking.

Fox News’ Dr. David Samadi also said yesterday that Hillary’s behavior suggests some kind of “neurological issue”.

A few days previously, Fox News featured neurologist Dr. Fiona Gupta, who concurred with Siegel that the release of the records was in the public interest and that Clinton had a “long history of unexplained falls” that led to post-concussive syndrome.

Hayes failed to include any of this in his hit piece because it completely contradicts his “baseless conspiracy” that no medical experts think Hillary has health problems.

The likes of neurologist Dr. Daniel Kassicieh and Dr. Nicholas C. Bambakidis, who have also shared concerns about Hillary’s health, were not mention in Hayes’ hit piece.

Hayes also failed to mention the numerous Secret Service agents, NYPD officers and others who have said that Hillary has major health problems with dizziness and walking difficulties.

His assertion that the entire controversy over Hillary’s health “literally came from Infowars” is also completely inaccurate. Questions have been swirling since 2014. Breitbart reported on them back in January.

Which prominent medical expert did Hayes feature on his show to authoritatively debunk suspicions about Hillary’s health?

Charlie Pierce – a sports writer and a game show panelist.

Well, I’m convinced.

Pierce proceeded to trot out the usual ad hominems – “this is just nuts, this is just completely crazy,” without having any actual evidence to refute the assertions made by medical experts and security professionals who oversaw Hillary’s events.

The majority of the American public also don’t appear to think questions over Hillary’s health are a “baseless conspiracy,” with a Rasmussen poll finding that 59% of them want to see Clinton’s medical history.

Sorry Chris, but having a game show panelist roll his eyes at questions shared by the clear majority of the American people isn’t going to change this narrative.


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