Kurt Nimmo
March 2, 2010

Anti-patriot propaganda has reached a fevered pitch in the corporate media. In the MSNBC segment below, Contessa Brewer interviews Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Brewer prefaces her interview with Potok — who is now a fixture of the ongoing propaganda campaign — by stating that opposition to the government is “fueled in part by anger over the troubled economy,” the fact Obama is African-American, and “immigration issues” (in other words, illegal aliens streaming across the border).

Brewer’s subtext (undoubtedly written for her and read from a teleprompter) is that people upset with the government are a bunch of racists. Of course, if she was a real reporter instead of an info babe put before the camera because she is attractive and can read a teleprompter, she just might elaborate on this and say people are upset with the government because it is increasingly authoritarian and violates the Constitution and the Bill of Rights on multiple fronts — from Obamacare at gunpoint to illegal wars and the pervasive surveillance grid intruding upon our lives.

Dead-pan Potok is amazed at the “scope” of the growth of groups on the “radical right” (that is to say anybody who is not a Republican neocon or Democrat). Potok conflates the patriot movement with the “militias from the 1990s” (does he mean the government created militia at Elohim City, including the government agent Timothy McVeigh, or the militia operatives dispatched by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the FBI?). Potok says 363 new “radical right” groups have formed in the last year. Is it possible these new groups include those created by the Republican compromised Tea Party movement? Potok does not say.

Potok tells Ms. Brewer patriot groups see the federal government as their primary enemy and believe “the government is involved in all kinds of nefarious plots to bring us into the New World Order, so called and so on.”

So called by Henry Kissinger, Gordon Brown, Bush Senior, and no shortage of economists and assorted establishment politicos over the last one hundred years or so. (and so on).

Patriot groups, Potok insists, are responsible for criminal violence. He then effortlessly connects Joe Stack to the patriot movement, but for some reason neglects to mention that Stack’s alleged manifesto referenced communism, hardly considered a “radical right” philosophy.

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In addition, Potok says the widely held belief that the income tax is unconstitutional has “raised a lot of havoc” (and so did strapping British tax collectors to Liberty Poles in the 1770s by American revolutionaries).

Ms. Brewer then says the attack on the IRS building in Austin was similar to the attack on the federal building in Oklahoma City. She may be right — evidence indicates the latter attack was staged by the government and it may eventually come out that Stack’s attack was too. Ms. Brewer would not report this in a month of Sundays, not if she values her career.

Potok concludes by stating his concern that “hate groups” (the ticker below him exclaims) may engage in violence, mostly because there is a black man in the White House and the “demographic change” in the country. He stops short of demanding anybody who believes in less government and adherence to the Constitution should be rounded up and thrown in a re-education camp.

It seems Potok and Brewer were reading from the Department of Homeland Security’s “rightwing” extremism report because their conversation came off like a carbon copy of the now infamous report (especially Potok’s assertion that patriot groups hate Obama because of his skin pigmentation).

It is indeed surreal that such nonsense about violence should be aired on a network that is jointly owned by a corporation founded by a eugenicist (Bill Gates, the former CEO of Microsoft) and the notorious death merchant General Electric (manufacturer of military aircraft, tankers, helicopters, surveillance aircraft and bombers used most recently to subdue recalcitrant Muslims).

I mean, talk about a hate group.

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