Because of GOP tax reform, Americans are putting more money in their pockets. However, to MSNBC elitist Katy Tur, a thousand-dollar bonus is a joke. The leftist posted to Twitter Monday:

Gentleman at Ohio Trump event says he’s going to save to start a family with his 1,000 dollar one time bonus. Average cost to give birth to one child in Ohio is $5,836.

The Twitterverse — comprised of normal Americans — shot back at the biased snobbery of the media millionaire:

Right. Furthermore, it’s his money that he’s getting back. He can do whatever he wants with it.

This may come as a surprise to Tur, but not everyone has the left-wing pundit’s net worth, which is estimated at between $8 and $23 million.

Normal people know the value of money:

The pile-on justifiably continued:

Tur apparently doesn’t understand the plight of average Americans.

One follower summed it up particularly nicely:

Katy Tur and so many in the left-wing media fail to understand the reality of the 2016 election, because they fail to understand America. And so long as they do, they will fail to defeat President Trump.

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