MSNBC’s Morning Joe has for two days straight dismissed the growing scandal over the anti-Trump texts between two former FBI agents as nothing more than a ‘conspiracy theory’.

Thursday morning saw Joe Scarborough and company go into overdrive, declaring that the entire thing is “making America less safe.”

“When these conspiracy theories are spread for political reasons and solely political reasons to protect the president who is not worth your protection with your lies, you are only making it more difficult for our law enforcement officers to protect your family and mine against Islamic terrorism and homegrown terrorism that you supposedly fear so much,” said Scarborough.

Specifically calling out lawmakers, including  Republican Congressman Ron Johnson, Scarborough suggested that claims of potential FBI abuse are dangerous.

“So just stop it. Get out of their way. Let them do their jobs and let the chips fall where they may. If Mueller overreaches, we will be the first to say so. The press will be the first to say so. Just stop with your conspiracy theories because you are making America less safe,” he urged.

Elsewhere during the broadcast, the entire Morning Joe Panel suggested that the anti-Trump “deep state” conspiracy is wholly based upon a joke between former FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, who spoke of a ‘secret society’ of anti-Trumpers within the FBI.

“Is there a recall process?” Scarborough asked. “It’s going to be very easy for us this morning to laugh at the stupidity of it all. There’s nothing funny about people using conspiracy theories to slur the men and women of the FBI at every turn.”

“So with Ron Johnson, it’s clearly one of two things,” Mike Barnacle chimed in. “Either he is of such limited intellect that he couldn’t pick up upon reading those text messages, that it was a joke in the aftermath of the election and was literally written right after the aftermath of the election. Or it’s with malicious intent that he and others have combined in a cabal.”

Scarborough also wheeled out Bill Kristol, who declared that “What fringy websites once said is now said by Fox News hosts.”

“Look at the Hill Republicans, look at the conservative commentators, many of them, they are now in the possession of serious conspiracy theorizing, paranoia, hostility to basic American government institutions in a way that I would have a year ago would have been impossible.” Kristol continued.

“The degree to which this paranoia and conspiracy theorizing, demonizing of people has just become routine,” Kristol added, saying that it is ‘upsetting’ because “Ron Johnson was a normal Republican senator.”

The MSNBC hosts continued the attack a day after they claimed that those looking into the ‘deep state’ activity are ‘undermining democracy’.

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