MSNBC host Kasie Hunt appeared to welcome the vicious assault of Republican Senator Rand Paul when she slipped up and said the attack, which left Paul with six broken ribs and a damaged lung, was her “favorite story”.

Paul was assaulted earlier this month by his neighbor, 59-year-old Rene Boucher, while he was mowing his lawn in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Initial reports suggested the attack was provoked by a dispute over Paul’s poor yard maintenance, although this was discredited when other neighbors said the Pauls were known for keeping their property clean and tidy.

Focus then shifted to Boucher’s political beliefs when it was discovered he was an ardent socialist who had expressed vehement hatred of Donald Trump on social media.

While discussing the story, MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt came out with a bizarre line.

“New details today on the incident that left Senator Rand Paul with six broken ribs — this might be one of my favorite stories,” said Hunt, before appearing to realize what she had said and adding while stuttering, “Although, of course, we don’t want….clearly Senator Paul is still struggling.”

It’s unclear as to why Hunt would treat the story as a “favorite” given that it was nothing less than a vicious unprovoked attack on a largely popular lawmaker.

Paul recently said, “From my perspective, I’m not really too concerned about what someone’s motive is. I’m just concerned that I was attacked from the back and somebody broke six of my ribs and gave me a damaged lung where at least for now I have trouble speaking and breathing and now I’ve hurt for 10 days.”

MSNBC’s Hunt also received criticism last week after she defended Senator Al Franken, a Democrat, by arguing that the infamous photo of him groping Leeann Tweeden was, “not actually groping, but mock-groping her while she was asleep.”


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