MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski responded to Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s argument that Islam was a violent religion in need of reform by invoking “white men with guns”.

Santorum first slapped down host Joe Scarborough’s charge that he was suggesting all terrorists were Muslims when in fact he had stated that all “jihadists” were Muslims.

Scarborough persisted, asking Santorum what Americans can do to let Muslim-Americans know, “they are every bit as part of the American dream as you or me.”

“I would ask that in reverse: what are they gonna do to reach out to make sure they are confronting…” said Santorum before he was cut off by both hosts. Scarborough again tried to insist that conservatives were blaming all Muslims for terror attacks.

“No one is suggesting that but the bottom line is this, there are Muslims in this country who are doing that, who are going out and trying to establish a ‘reform Islam’ – trying to deal with the problem, the cancer within Islam, and it’s real, and the bottom line is many Muslims are simply not doing that,” said Santorum, adding that Islam was still mired in the 7th century.

“There are lots of Muslims out there who are actually trying to confront the cancer and the bottom line is most are not, and that’s a problem,” he added, pointing to the example of CAIR as an organization that acts as an apologist for radical Islam.

Brzezinski responded by stating, “Well, I’ll turn the argument around on you – why aren’t you working on white men with guns?”

“You look at the data of white men with guns wreaking havoc on this country – why aren’t white men all coming forward – why don’t you call on them to do that?” she asked.

Santorum responded by pointing out that he was working to solve the crisis of gun violence by looking at the issue of fatherless homes and that an inanimate object was not the problem.

“No, I was talking about the white men,” responded Brzezinski.

Brzezinski raised the point just weeks after two Muslim jihadists killed 14 people during a mass shooting in San Bernardino.

Her failure to raise the issue of ‘black men with guns’ was also noticeably absent despite the fact that black people are responsible for at least half of all homicides in the United States despite representing only 13% of the population.

FBI statistics also show that gun murders in the Unied States are continuing to fall.

“The FBI Crime in the United States report found 8,124 murders committed with firearms in 2014, down from 8,454 in 2013. That represents a 3.9 percent drop year over year and the lowest rate of any year included in the report,” reports the Washington Free Beacon.


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