Beyonce appearing in front of a huge sign that said “FEMINIST” during her MTV Video Music Awards performance was not a political enough statement for MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, who would have much preferred the singer to appear before a sign which read “ABORTION.”

“So I have been having these imaginings,” Harris-Perry said, “Where, instead of behind her are these enormous letters that say ‘feminist,’ that she’d come out and it had said, ‘Hands up, don’t shoot,’ or it had said ‘birth control,’ I mean – ‘abortion’ behind Beyonce.”

Harris-Perry’s guests in the studio eagerly agreed with her although the host acknowledged that Beyonce “would never sell any more records” if she had followed such advice.

Harris-Perry’s ‘imagining’ is all the more vulgar given that following her act, Beyonce embraced her 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, who watched the entire performance.

The remarks are another reminder that many leftists, far from advocating abortion as a sober last resort, actually deem it necessary to celebrate the act of killing a baby as some kind of joyous and liberating concept.

Harris-Perry, who previously wore tampon earrings to protest a Texas anti-abortion bill, has made a name for herself by uttering a series of creepy, idiotic and downright offensive statements.

During a segment in July, she compared opponents of illegal immigration to advocates of race segregation, likening Texas Governor Rick Perry’s decision to send National Guard troops to the border to Arkansas Governor Orval Faubas’ move to use Guard troops to prevent black children from attending Little Rock Central High School, which was racially segregated, in 1957.

Last year, the host produced a video promo for the network in which she argued that children no longer belong to their parents and are part of the collective community.

Perry was also forced to apologize last year when members of her show panel mocked Mitt Romney and his family for adopting a black baby.

The encouraging thing is that Harris-Perry’s tawdry views are shared by less and less Americans if MSNBC’s ratings, which have been plunging for years, are anything to go by.

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