MSNBC’s never ending Trump derangement fest continued this past weekend, with Joy Reid’s broadcast panel declaring that Trump is a virulent racist who is engaging in ‘modern day holocaust denial’.

The conversation centered around Trump’s comments questioning the purported death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria.

The President was defending against attacks that his administration did not help with recovery, despite the fact that more aid was supplied to Puerto Rico than any other hurricane relief effort ever, barring Hurricane Katrina. The country received almost $10 billion in the first six months after the disaster, rising to almost $20 billion thereafter.

As Lou Dobbs noted, the death toll is thought to have been vastly inflated, and Trump was correct to draw attention to it.

However, MSNBC once again did not allow facts to get in the way of a good opportunity to call Trump a racist.

The balanced panel of NBC News columnist Kurt Bardella, NPR’s Maria Hinojosa, and Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi all weighed in.

“He has called us animals. He is now trying to deny the deaths of many citizens who live with great dignity.” Amandi ranted.

“And, Joy, this is sending a very sinister message to Trump’s base. What he’s saying is, ‘These are not people, these are not even animals, these things didn’t happen.’ he continued.

“It is modern-day holocaust denial, Joy.” Amandi exclaimed.

Hinojosa joined in the rampant derangement:

“It looks like this President really doesn’t care about our lives, whether we’re in cages, whether we’re in freezers in those immigrant detention camps, or whether we are dead in Puerto Rico.” she declared.

It’s all part of a big conspiracy on the part of Trump to exterminate Latinos.

“We have now been exactly denied, our existence negated, and I think for us it’s kind of like the shock of making the connections because you know also money from FEMA was put into ICE. We’re not going to save Latino and Latina lives, but we will put them in immigrant detention facilities that are ultimately going to make money for people.” Hinojosa claimed.

Bardella then had his turn, labeling the GOP “racist” and urging anyone who is not white not to vote Republican.

“People aren’t stupid. They realize that ultimately this is a racist party, and I don’t know why any single person who isn’t a white person would vote for a Republican right now.”

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