MSNBC’s Katy Tur was shocked when a Latino Bernie Sanders voter admitted his daughter would be voting to re-elect President Donald Trump.

Cameras were rolling when Tur found out her assumption that the man’s daughter had influenced his decision to vote for Bernie was dead wrong.

“Is it your daughter leading the charge?” Tur asks when the man reveals he’s going for Bernie over Biden.

“No, my wife,” he responds, adding, “my daughter, she’s for Trump.”

“Your daughter’s going to vote for Donald Trump?” Tur asks incredulously.

“Yes,” the man responds in English.

“Por que?” Tur inquires, to which the man replies, “No se,” or “I don’t know.”

“Le encanta!” he says, meaning, “She enjoys him!”

He next adds his daughter supports him because the economy is doing well.

This isn’t the first time Tur’s been caught off guard by a Trump supporter.

Conducting an exit poll following the New Hampshire primaries, one voter surprised Tur when also told her he’d be voting for the current president.

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Eight Men Out & all they have left is Clueless Joe. Booty, Beto & Amy endorsed Biden in Dallas. Bernie has been under fire from every direction in the last 24 hours as the establishment “moderates” bet on Joe. But they aren’t moderates and Joe continues to sleepwalk thru his speeches.

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