Aaron Dykes
September 7, 2008

  Alex Jones and 9/11 Truthers take over MSNBC for some two hours during its August 28 live broadcast during the DNC– despite the attempt by MSNBC staff members to silence free speech.  

A close video analysis now shows that it was MSNBC staff members who attempted to silence free speech by physically assaulting a group of 9/11 truthers led by Alex Jones during the takeover of a live broadcast at the DNC in Denver.

One staff member, who displayed his credentials to get backstage after assaulting Alex Jones, is even seen on camera using either a knife or a wirecutting tool to severe the cord to Jones’ bullhorn– clearly demonstrating that his intent was to destroy equipment and that he was not simply caught up in the moment.

  An MSNBC crew member– who used his credentials to re-enter the backstage area after the incident– deliberately used a knife or cutting device to severe Alex’s bullhorn.

Members of the primarily pro-Obama crowd also pushed Jones and his crew members and assaulted and smudged their cameras and equipment, with the cooperation and participation of the MSNBC crew– one of whom smudged his own saliva all over an obviously expensive (and sensitive) camera lens. A man in the crowd also flagrantly hit cameraman Richard Reeves, who was quietly filming from a few feet away and gave no pretext for personal attack.

Alex Jones & crew were not deterred, however, and returned some fifteen minutes later with Luke Rudkowski, several members of We Are Change Colorado and two more bullhorns— boldly asserting that any attempt to silence free speech would be met with a literal redoubling of efforts.

9/11 Truth thus challenged the tightly-controlled corporate media by dominating the airwaves with chants of ‘9/11 was an inside job,’ ‘Investigate 9/11’ and other statements for nearly two hours on MSNBC– positions that are never reported on the mainstream media cable channels.

The chants were so loud that MSNBC host Chris Matthews apologized to his guests as he struggled to maintain calm– admitting that his crew was trying to muffle the audio behind him. Matthews also distorted the views of 9/11 Truth, calling them "screwballs" and making a claim that the group believes, "in fact, that George W. Bush was sitting somewhere in the White House basement with one of these plungers and he blew up these buildings"– which is not a claim asserted by the 9/11 truth movement.

Matthews went on to tell Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) that "They are truly crazy people. Just so you know, we’re not muffling intelligent dissent here."

Although the MSNBC crew and sycophantic crowd were obviously disappointed that 9/11 truthers returned once again with bullhorns, the police refused to acquiesce and violate free speech, so the demonstration continued throughout the broadcast.

photo courtesy of Melies Kish, http://kishphotos.dotphoto.com

As another crew took over for Keith Olbermann’s Countdown broadcast, one of his producers relayed a message directly asking that the 9/11 truthers allow his broadcast to go on uninterrupted. Alex Jones and Luke Rudkowski agreed to do so due to the fact that Olbermann was the one and only MSM broadcaster who was unafraid to report on information about Dick Cheney and staff mulling over the idea of shooting U.S. Navy SEALS in a false-flag incident at the Strait of Hormuz as a provocation for war with Iran, as the New Yorker’s Seymour Hersh revealed.

Rudkowski declared over the bullhorn his reasons for agreeing to Olbermann’s request– that he has reported truthfully like a real journalist– and Keith Olbermann himself responded over the balcony with a cue– a big "OK" sign of mutual agreement.

A week later, 9/11 Truthers in Minnesota took over more than one MSNBC broadcast outside of the RNC, furthering the takeover of mainstream media broadcasts and ensuring that MSNBC themselves have taken notice of the issue. The security there talked down to them and kept them from using a bullhorn.

Watch the WeAreChange Minnesota compilation of the RNC broadcast takeover below:


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