An MSNBC test card that appeared at the end of Trump’s speech last night appeared to describe him as “trash man,” with one pundit suggesting the words were MSNBC’s “disrespectful codename for POTUS.”

Following the conclusion of Trump’s speech on Afghanistan in Fort Myer, Virginia, a test card briefly flashed up while MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was discussing Trump’s statement.

The words “TRASH MAN” are seen alongside the date.

A test card is a television test signal that is broadcast at times when the transmitter is active but no program is being broadcast. It is sometimes seen when satellite feeds are unexpectedly cut out.

Of course, “trash man” could refer to something else that has nothing to do with Trump, but Twitter users were fairly certain that wasn’t there case.

“Hey @MSNBC who is “TRASH MAN” referring to? It’s the President of the United States,” remarked one anti-Trump account.

“Holy crap. TRASH MAN is the description of the feed that went off?? The crew hates this man,” added another.

“Is #MSNBC ‘s nickname for #DonaldTrump trash man?” asked Mike Coury.

“Yep, 45 is def the TRASH MAN,” commented Zoe Hall.

“Sounds like a disrespectful codename for POTUS,” said Fox News contributor Harlan Hill, before asking Rachel Maddow to comment.


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