MSNBC manages to out-crazy itself with every report it broadcasts on President Trump. This weekend was no different as AM Joy’s panel declared that just saying the word ‘Trump’ in a positive context makes you a neo-Nazi.

Joy Reid noted that Trump has previously highlighted links between Ilhan Omar and terrorist groups. Her guest Dean Obeidallah, a comedian, claimed that white supremacists have accused him of links to terrorism, purely because of his skin color.

“Donald Trump is doing the same thing. That’s the go-to for white supremacists — that’s the go-to for neo-Nazis, to smear Muslims as somehow we’re all involved in terrorism.” Obeidallah declared.

“And this is tied to Donald Trump. This is a man who doesn’t just want violence against Ilhan Omar — his base, they came after me. … There’s been a spike in LGBT, anti-black hate crimes, anti-Semitic hate crimes. Anyone that’s not white, male and Christian is under the gun and spotlight under Trump. And, sadly, that’s what he wants.” Obeidallah continued.

He then claimed that just the word ‘Trump’ in itself is racist.

“There have been mosques defaced with the word ‘Trump.’ Today, Trump is becoming a modern-day swastika. People have to be aware, it’s no longer a name — it’s shorthand for a symbol of hate.” he urged.

“Someone says, ‘I like Trump,’ they’re telling you they’re in for white supremacy — I’m in for bigotry — I’m in for sexism.’ That’s what Trump means now, and I think we have to be aware of it and call it out bluntly.” he ridiculously charged, with Reid in full agreement.

In the same broadcast, contributor Jason Johnson described Trump’s criticism of the so called ‘squad’ of Democrats as a “modern-day lynching”.

In a later broadcast, The Beat D.C’s Tiffany Cross declared the MAGA hat “is the new Nazi symbol,” and that it is “racist” to use the term “illegal immigrants.”

“Even his language itself is very racist. The term ‘illegal Immigrant’ is overwhelmingly offensive.” Cross declared.

Everything is literally Hitler to these permanently triggered nut-bags.

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