In another example of media hypocrisy, the talking heads of MSNBC condemned Trump supporters as “super spreaders” of coronavirus but in the same breath lauded Black Lives Matter protesters as having “extraordinary courage.”

On Sunday’s “MSNBC Live,” host Ali Velshi characterized Trump supporters as coronavirus “super spreaders” with no evidence.

“The event also raising red flags for its potential as a coronavirus super-spreader,” Velshi lamented.

But just moments later, Princeton professor Imani Perry praised BLM protesters’ bravery of swarming the Tulsa Trump rally to prevent supporters from getting in.

“I think there’s something, kind of extraordinary courage we need to acknowledge amongst protesters given the existence of the virus,” she gushed.

She then devolved into tropes about how the riots and looting has simply “allowed people to think in serious contemplative ways about the depth of American inequality,” then demagogued that Trump is “championing everything that is vile and white supremacist.”

Alex Jones breaks down the hypocrisy of virtue signaling nurses wearing covid gear applauding protesters who are not social distancing.

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