MSNBC host Joe Scarborough suggested Friday morning that President Trump could be fulfilling “Steve Bannon’s dream” by leaving the Republican party and “becoming an independent President.”

Scarborough referred to Trump’s clashes with leading Republicans including Mitch McConnell this week, over the failure to repeal Obamacare:

Trump also appeared to call for McConnell to step down as party leader, noting that he was “very disappointed” that key legislative actions are not being successfully pushed.

“I wonder if this is Steve Bannon’s dream that we’ve heard of whispers in the past that maybe Donald Trump moves toward being an independent president,” noted Scarborough.

“He leaves the Republican—because that’s the only thing that makes sense here.” the MSNBC host added, saying it is “baffling” that Trump is challenging McConnell so publicly.

“This just illustrates in the most dramatic way possible that Donald Trump is not in fact a Republican,” MSNBC guest John Heilemann chimed in.

“No Republican president would wage war on the Republican Majority Leader of the United States Senate.” Heilemann claimed.

In related news, reports Friday have suggested that Former President Obama will “reemerge” shortly to work with the Democratic Party.

Aides told The Hill that Obama will start a “delicate dance” with the party in the fall, and that the former president will “play an active role in helping his party rebuild,” while being careful not to act as “a foil” for President Trump and the Republican leadership.

“He has to be careful,” said Julian Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University. “At a moment when President Trump’s approval is falling so fast—including with his base—there is a risk for Obama taking center stage and triggering the energy that many Republicans currently lack.”

“He would be the target against which Trump would direct his fury,” noted Cal Jillson, a professor of political science at Southern Methodist University. “From Trump’s perspective nothing better could happen.”

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