MSNBC aired a clip from the Alex Jones Show yesterday in which Jones encouraged Trump supporters to help stop the Big Steal by assembling in Cleveland ahead of the Republican National Convention in July.

Discussing Trump’s dwindling chance of winning the 1,237 delegates needed to earn the Republican nomination, MSNBC Chris Hayes’ played a clip of Alex asking for millions of “Trumpists” to show up in Cleveland to outnumber the operatives attempting to steal the nomination.

“Amid growing signs Trump may not have the wherewithal to get enough votes on the convention floor, supporters like Infowars’ Alex Jones are now preparing to revolt,” Hayes says before throwing to a clip of Jones.

In the segment, Jones states it’s necessary for Trump supporters to show up in Ohio to influence delegates and dwarf the number of Democrat operatives.

“Be in Cleveland for the week of that convention, be there and we are going to absolutely show the world the real power. We need 5 million constitutional ‘Trumpians,’ ‘Trumpists,’ to be there so that all the Soros trash and all the filth, the few hundred thousand they’ll have there, are totally dwarfed and the establishment does not dare steal the popular vote from the people.”

Hayes goes on to discuss how Republican National Committee leaders have numerous times over the past few months asserted that the popular vote and primary results don’t matter to RNC delegates, and that they can vote against the will of the people.

Watch Alex Jones’ Facebook mention on how the election may officially be cancelled:

It's Official Election To Be Cancelled

Posted by Alex Jones on Friday, April 1, 2016

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