Kurt Nimmo
March 26, 2010

Ed Schultz, one of the more bombastic “liberals” at MSNBC, has called for “rightwing” talk radio to be shut down.

Schultz is outraged that Rush Limbaugh has called for opposition to Obama and the Democrat theft of one sixth of the economy. Ed thinks it would be ducks if the IRS and government thugs toting brand spanking new sniper rifles rounded people up for their refusal to follow Obama’s mandate that everybody in the country must give their hard-earned money to insurance companies.

Because Rush and the Republicans have not paid fealty to Lord Obama and the corporate whore Democrats who have trashed the Constitution, Ed wants to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. He would like to see Rush Limbaugh forced off the air. Ed dreams of his paltry radio show replacing Rush’s on the airwaves.

In the video above, Ed reveals what a reprehensible collectivist he is. He is outraged that the Republicans stand in opposition to the monstrosity that is Obamacare. Like a garden variety Stalinist, Schultz believes it is treason to oppose the dictates of the communist party, actually the bankster party. Everybody must support the Leader or face persecution by the state.

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Such attitudes ultimately result in almost unimaginable mass murder. Mao killed 40 million, Hitler 30 million, and Stalin around 20 million. Some historians put these numbers even higher. Mao and Stalin killed most their victims because they dared resist the state. Hitler did too, but a lot of his victims were attributed to racist beliefs inspired by eugenicists like Rockefeller.

Hitler, Mao, and Stalin — these were collectivists who believed in the primacy of the state over the individual. Ed Schultz also believes in the primacy of the state and wants to shut down anybody who opposes its criminal mandates. Such mentality eventually terminates in killing fields.

Ed says there is a culture war going on in America. Mao had his own cultural war. He called it the Cultural Revolution. It began when Mao and his lackey Jiang Qing went after the intellectuals. Mao sent his Red Guards around China to intimidate, imprison, beat, and kill those who did not live up to his communist utopian vision. A campaign of fingering traitors swept the country. Between 30 and 70 million people were killed.

If you think Ed is merely a blowhard, think again. As I write this, the Democrats — in league with America’s political police, the FBI and Homeland Security — are preparing to move against the Tea Party movement and all patriots who cherish the Constitution.

Ed Schultz and his fellow apparatchiks in the corporate media are sharpening their knives.

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