MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was in a mild state of panic while discussing President Trump’s improving poll numbers this morning, warning Democrats, “the once unthinkable (is) now possible and that is the election of Donald Trump in 2020.”

A new Gallup poll shows Trump with 44 percent approval, a marked improvement on his 37 percent approval rating in mid-January.

On Monday, a Rasmussen poll was released that had Trump at at 52 per cent approval, his highest since just after being inaugurated.

Combined with his well received State of the Union speech, Trump is riding high, prompting alarm from his detractors in the establishment media.

During a monologue this morning, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough acknowledged that the numbers represented “a heck of a turnaround” and blamed Democrat “overreach” for boosting Trump.

Pointing to numerous “unforced errors” by Democrats in recent weeks, including the botched rollout of the ‘New Green Deal’, the New York late term abortion controversy and the Virginia blackface scandal, Scarborough said Trump could assert that he is “here to protect you from the extreme Democrats.”

“They’ve only been there for two months and they’ve already given Donald Trump his closing argument for the 2020 campaign,” said the former Republican Congressman, adding, “all they are doing is making the once unthinkable now possible and that is the election of Donald Trump in 2020.”

The Morning Joe host went on to warn that young Democrats in Congress were providing Trump with “way too much fodder” and that they should look to Nancy Pelosi for guidance because “she has already proven she knows how to defeat Donald Trump.”

“They’ve got to play smarter,” said Scarborough.

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