An MTV News video wishes violent car accidents on parents who dress their kids up in “offensive” Halloween costumes, another insight into how the cult of political correctness is increasingly driven by radical ideology.

The clip features a number of Halloween costumes that the MTV presenters deem to be politically incorrect, including a Native American outfit, a Geisha Girl, an Arabian Sultan and a Rastafarian.

The MTV video does not make reference to Cowboy outfits, which by the rules of their argument would be considered offensive because they culturally appropriate white 19th century Americans from the old west, or Oktoberfest costumes – which might be considered xenophobic since they mimic white German beer maids.

One of the presenters suggests that Child Protective Services should be called on parents who dress their toddlers like Arabian belly dancers, while another host goes even further.

Referring to a Confederate General outfit, the presenter states, “If you buy this costume for your kid, I hope that you get into a car accident and have to be saved by black paramedics.”

Another woman featured in the video also invokes the racist stereotype that all white people like to run around in Confederate General outfits.

The video serves as a reminder that joyless progressives and social justice warriors are on a crusade to have absolutely everything imaginable – even down to kids’ Halloween costumes – deemed “racist” or “offensive” as part of their war on fun.

They’re also not afraid to invoke violence as a punishment for anyone who dares dissent against their radical new form of puritanism.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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