MTV now claims “selfie shaming” is sexist.

After Arizona State sorority girls were mocked by Major League Baseball announcers last week for taking selfies instead of watching the game, MTV produced a video claiming the announcers’ rant against selfies was linked to misogyny.

“The announcers’ little rant was splattered with sexism,” MTV’s Laci Green said. “When we’re talking about the selfie debate, it’s not just about pictures; it’s a coded conversation about young women who take them.”

“The concern people express about selfies is almost identical to misogynistic insults that have been hurled at girls forever.”

Green also claimed that selfies are a “radical tool of defiance” against “textbook sexism.”

“Selfies allow young women to define themselves instead of constantly being defined by other people,” she stated. “Selfies also promote better representation and a direct challenge to old media where women’s representation is overwhelmingly controlled by men.”

It’s ironic how MTV tries to claim selfies “allow young women to define themselves” against a supposedly male-dominated society obsessed with how women look when selfies, by their very nature, broadcast what women look like to society.

“MTV is cancer for the brain,” one YouTube commenter said.

Other commenters also pointed out the video falsely implies that only women take selfies.

“It wasn’t about gender, you’re once again made something out of nothing,” Matt B. wrote. “Announcers always call out people not watching the game when they can.”

“Remember the guy who tried to sue them because they left the camera on him sleeping during the game…? The guy lost that case by the way.”

“This was not sexism, simply something to entertain the people watching the game from home,” he added.

MTV also made headlines earlier this week with a bizarre video claiming the phrases “no can do” and “long time no see” are “racist.”

“As we have previously highlighted, the MTV News YouTube channel now has little to do with reporting on music and everything to do with re-educating young people to police their language and embrace political correctness,” Paul Joseph Watson reported. “At least half of the videos featured on the channel are about racism and how white people are bad for using politically incorrect words or being offensive towards people of color.”

“In a past video, which can be viewed below, we critiqued MTV for regurgitating the nonsensical argument that it was impossible for black people to be racist towards white people.”

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