Viacom and MTV’s Laci Green promotes looting, arson and, by way of extension, violence and murder.

But then the looters and arsonists who exploited the shooting of Michael Brown didn’t burn down or destroy property owned by Viacom or its owner, billionaire Sumner Redstone. Viacom was orginally MTV Networks.

Only small business was destroyed, so nothing to see here.

This promotion of looting and arson seems quite popular now on the Left as it pursues its socialist dystopia. It can without losing sleep drag in the memory of Martin Luther King as it agitates for social justice, i.e., in the case of Michael Brown, justice for a criminal class, Brown being a thug who engaged in violent robbery.

On the other hand, few deny federally militarized police are out of control, but burning down hair salons and convenience stores will not address the situation.

It is especially loathsome when MTV jumps on the leftist bandwagon and allows its hosts to make excuses for the destruction of private property and endangering the lives of people who have nothing to do with police violence.

Funny how these “social justice” rioters are not looting and torching the MTV studios at One Astor Plaza in Times Square.

This might have something to do with the street address.

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