Kurt Nimmo
Truth News
March 29, 2008

Now that Michael Mukasey is firmly installed as AG, we begin to get a whiff of his agenda, as dictated by the bankers and their neocon collaborators. From the Associated Press:

In remarks to Silicon Valley executives at the Tech Museum of Innovation, Mukasey said the economy and national security of the United States are increasingly threatened by violations involving copyrighted software code, patented inventions and trademarked properties.

Not terrorists in caves, mind you, but people who hack software, steal “patented inventions and trademarked properties,” sort of like China, although Mukasey didn’t say that. He did say the “the huge profits generated from piracy and counterfeiting are increasingly flowing into the coffers of terrorist groups,” not China but al-Qaeda, I guess. As usual, the government speaks in vague generalities.

Terror groups are taking their cues from organized crime and increasingly funding their operations from counterfeiting and piracy, he said.

Mukasey said his department is devoting more resources to prosecuting intellectual property crimes, which led to a 7 percent increase in the number of IP cases filed in 2007 over the year before and a 33 percent increase over 2005.

Organized crime… for instance the government? It is the largest, most well organized and deadliest organized crime syndicate on the planet, putting the old Cosa Nostra to shame and relegating it to fanciful Hollywood movies. In the real world, government does most of the drug dealing, counterfeiting, and theft of copyright and patents, not guys in caves who hate our freedom.

“Criminal syndicates, and in some cases even terrorist groups, view IP crime as a lucrative business and see it as a low-risk way to fund other activities,” Mukasey said. “A primary goal of our IP enforcement mission is to show these criminals that they’re wrong.”

In other words, al-Qaeda, from its cottage industries in Pakistan and Afghanistan, are cranking out pirated movies and software. I say we unleash the RIAA on them if they are bootlegging Britney Spears CDs and selling them to the faithful. Send Mitch Bainwol’s lawyers to Kandahar.

Before Friday’s speech, he met privately with representatives from companies including Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc.

I bet they were not talking about Osama bin Laden at that meeting. I bet they did talk about prosecuting hackers and that guy who used a key generator to load Photoshop on his brother-in-law’s computer.

It has nothing to do with a terrorist group funded and wet nursed by the CIA. It has everything to do with making sure corporate profit and market domination are ensured. It also has to do with making sure the next time you rip a CD of your favorite music artist, you equate that with helping out Osama, shadowy drug cartels, and various murderers and thieves.

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